Join Lou in a conversation with Lisa Spicko, an industry VP of marketing. Lisa Spicko. Lisa is an industry VP and Lisa’s going to talk with us:

  • about her love of all things awkward
  • how rummaging through microfiche and microfilm planted the seed to her future career with libraries
  • she’ll also talk with us about advice that she’d give to her earlier career-self about not taking things too seriously. “The older you get…you know the sun is going to rise tomorrow…everything’s going to be okay”
  • that the giving of your time to mentor others is the greatest gift that you can give, the greatest currency
  • how the pandemic has left her in awe of people’s ability to overcome all obstacles in order to put their families first
  • and what words she will be taking back with her to the US from her time in Australia!

Links from the session (Amazon affiliate links may be used below)

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