Join Lou in a conversation with Zoe Loveland, an industry senior director in marketing. Discover all about the audiobooks and podcasts Zoe loves, the exploding kitten's card game, the importance of surrounding yourself with different generations for inspiration, forging a career path in publishing, mentoring in third world countries and faking it till you make it – balancing family life and a career.

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Transcription -

Be inspired - 

#IntBunchWordOfTheDay - Petrichor -

Exploding Kittens Card Game -

Caitlin Moran -

Catlin Moran - How to be a woman (2012) - 

Caitlin Moran - More than a woman (2020) - 

Alan Titchmarsh -

Dr Sam Collins - third world country mentoring - 

David McCandless -

Information is Beautiful website -

David McCandless - Information is Beautiful -

Billion Dollar Gram -

Michael Watkins - The First 90 Days - 

Inc -

Wired - 

HBR - 

EIU - 

Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese - 

How to be awesome at your job -

Gold Nugget -

Podcasts from the midlife -

Feel better, live more -

Zoe Loveland - Linked -

Zoe Loveland - Twitter - 

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