How accessible is your marketing? Discover real-life hints, tips and links from this insightful conversation with Katy and Simon from the community initiative Publishing Enabled. Explore as we discuss:

  • Providing a safe space for people with a disability in the publishing industry
  • Highlighting the positives that having a disability can have e.g. adaptable thinking
  • Improving how we do marketing and how we think about communications
  • Opportunities arising from COVID-19 – flexibility, acceptance and adaptability
  • The need for buy-in at a senior leadership level for culture to change within an organization
  • Tools to measure accessibility and what you should be thinking about and trying out for yourself
  • The importance of providing information in different ways as people access and consume content in a variety of ways
  • Digital marketing that lets us constantly test, tweak and improve what we’re doing
  • Normalizing disability – the key to creating an inclusive culture

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