Hi, this is Lou Peck from The International Bunch and I’m going to talk to you about the six most common types of peer review in under 60 seconds.

  1. Single-blind peer review – reviewers know who the authors are, but the authors do not know who the reviewers are
  2. Double-blind peer review – authors and reviewers remain anonymous to each other
  3. Open/transparent peer review – authors and reviewers are aware of who each other are
  4. Post-publication peer review – peer review happens after the work is published – e.g. preprints, papers on F1000
  5. Collaborative peer review – peer reviewers can view each other's interactions and produce a final report
  6. Interactive peer review – peer reviewers interact with authors providing real-time feedback and collaborate with fellow peer reviewers. Once the final version is agreed, it is published!

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