Hi this is Lou Peck and I’m going to talk to you about copyright in under 60 seconds.

As the author you are the first copyright owner of your work unless commissioned by your institution or funder.

For subscription journals you sign a publisher copyright transfer agreement (CTA) for all versions of that work. You MIGHT have additional rights like reusing parts of the article; distributing a limited free copy; and/or self-archiving in a repository.

For open access (OA) journals you, the institution or funder pay the publisher an Article Processing Charge (APC) and sign an open licence like Creative Commons – e.g. Attribution Only or CC BY. The publisher still edits, prints and distributes the article for commercial means but you retain the other rights.

For hybrid journals you will EITHER sign a CTA or pay the APC and sign an open licence.

Before submitting, check what is available to ensure you understand your rights.

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Image sourced from - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/

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