Hi this is Lou Peck from The International Bunch and I’m going to talk to you about what is a DOI in under 60 seconds.

DOI stands for digital object identifier and is a unique number assigned by a registration agency (for example doi.org) to a range of different content. It provides a persistent URL to online content.

Like ORCID provides researchers with a unique ID, DOIs provide a unique ID for published content.

Publishers assign DOIs to content as part of the publishing process and they do this through services like CrossRef.

DOIs start with a 10 and contain a prefix and suffix. The prefix is unique to the organization assigning it (for example the publisher or repositories like figshare).

You’ll find DOIs used in citations and by a number of services like Kudos and Altmetric to expose article metadata and show altmetrics relating to the article to demonstrate impact.

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