What is Library Publishing and how is it different from a University Press?

Hi this is Lou Peck from the International Bunch and I’m going to talk to you about library publishing in under 60 seconds.

Library publishing (also known as campus-based publishing) is where an academic library provides publishing services like electronic open access content.

Library publishing services can complement a university press and though both at the same institution may have different objectives, but they are mostly aligned under the institutions vision.

A library publishing service could concentrate on pioneering publishing innovatives e.g. open source publishing platform DPubS (Cornell University) and the press publishes books and journals, or the press could publish open access books and the library publishes peer-reviewed journals (University of Pittsburgh).

Check out SPARC and the Library Publishing Coalition for more in-depth information.

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Image taken from - https://www.hastac.org/news/library-publishing-coalition 

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