What is Open Research?

Hi this is Lou Peck from the International Bunch and I’m going to talk to you about open research in under 60 seconds.

Open research is purely and simply opening up knowledge to the benefit of all - and the earlier on in the process we make the information accessible, the better. Also know as open science, there are five key areas of open research:

  1. open access
  2. open collaboration
  3. open data
  4. open practices, and
  5. open recognition and research

The research community has made significant progress in open research adoption though there are still challenges for example time and effort taken to share outputs can put researchers at a competitive disadvantage, and concern about being scooped. 

Key stakeholders like funders and publishers are really embracing open research and have lots of great support available.

Discover more helpful resources at internationalbunch.com/resources 

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