Hi this is Lou Peck from the International Bunch and I’m going to talk to you about Projekt DEAL in under 60 seconds.

Projekt DEAL represents nearly 700 academic institutions in Germany and announced in January 2019 a countrywide partnership with Wiley. This three year agreement gives Projekt DEAL access to Wiley’s academic content back to 1997 for an annual fee – and Projekt DEAL can publish articles open access in Wiley’s journals.

It encompasses three new initiatives:

  1. A new flagship OA interdisciplinary journal
  2. An open science and author services development group focused on innovating and accelerating new publishing approaches
  3. An annual symposium for early career German researchers focused on cutting-edge ideas on the future of research communications

This is the first major transformative deal of its kind.

To find out more, go to internationalbunch.com/resources

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